Qumran cemetery burial enclosure Burial enclosure at the Head of the Qumran Cemetery discovered by two CSULB students during the 2001 Judean Desert Explorations/Excavations expedition.
Qumran Cave 4 The interior of Cave 4 from Qumran, the mother lode of all Qumran manuscript-bearing caves.
CSULB survey of Qumran cliffs 1990-92 CSULB Walking Survey of Dead Sea Shores and cliffs.
Masada palace mural An interior Mural in the Step Palace at Masada.
Ruins at Kedron effluence Lookout overlooking the effluence of the Kedron to the Dead Sea and the Wharf at Khirbat Mazin, discovered by CSULB Walking Survey of the Shores of the Dead Sea, 1991-92.
Radar groundscan at Qumran marl 1992 CSULB radar groundscan of the top of the marl of Caves 4-6.
Radar groundscan near cave 4 at Qumran 1992 CSULB radar groundscan of the Qumran marl cliffs in the Wadi Qumran.
A cave entrance near Qumran 1990-92 CSULB Walking Survey of the Shores of the Dead Sea: Inhabited Cave withdoorway lintel about 10-15 kilometers south of Qumran.
Radar groundscan within Khirbet Qumran 1992 CSULB Radar groundscan of the ruins at Qumran.
Tomb of Zechariah
Tomb attributed by tradition to Zechariah next to the tomb attributed to James in the Kedron Valley.
View of Masada
View of the Fortress of Masada from a distance.
Robert Eisenman at Qumran cave 4
Robert Eisenman in the mouth of Cave 4 during 1992 CSULB Radar Groundscan.